Jan 2017

Latest News

  • We look for creative candidates to join our team as Ph.D students or postdoctoral fellows. If interested, please send your CV to Prof Liu at cheliub@nus.edu.sg
  • AIE dots research highlighted by a Nature News Feature article “The nanolight revolution is coming, Nature 2016, 531, 26–28 (read more)
  • THE STRAITS TIMES has highlighted Prof Liu as 20 of world's top researchers from Singapore on Jan 15, 2016 (read more)
  • "The Wonderful World of AIEgens", a presentnation given by Prof. Liu Bin in lecture series of Materials Today. The Materials Today Materials in Society lecture series launched in 2015 at the joint ICMAT and IUMRS-ICA meeting in Singapore; a major materials science event.(read more)
  • Our recent work on using fluorogens with aggregation induced emission characteristics for image-guided photodynamic killing of bacteria has been highlighted as the cover of Advanced Healthcare Materials. (read more)
  • Our paper on Noninvasive Cell Tracing received 56 citations to-date, placing the paper as the 12th most cited article in the journal of Scientific Reports over the last 2 years. (read more)
  • A fluorescent probe for labeling mitochondria to study fat-burning brown adipose tissue. (read more)
  • Fluorescent nanoprobes may be the future of noninvasive cancer detection. (read more)
  • Associate Professor Liu Bin wins the highly prestigious inaugural National Research Foundation (NRF) Investigatorship 2015 award. (read more)