Raghuraj, Rao

IPC Unit
August 2004-June 2008

B.Eng. - Chemical Engg. : KREC, Surathkal, Karnataka, India. 1996.

M.Tech. - Chemical Engg. : I.I.T. Bombay, Mumbai, India.

PhD, National University of Singapore, October 2008.

Raghu joined the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance (SDWA) in January 2008.

Email: cverr@nus.edu.sg

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His Story

Raghuraj, coming from Belgaum, India, pursued his under graduation at KREC – Surathkal. He continued his pursuit in chemical engg as post graduate student doing M.Tech at IIT Bombay, during which he sharpened his skills in Systems Engineering. His initial work with team at IIT, on “sensor location optimization and fault diagnosis” has been well accepted. He then undertook an industrial stint with Larsen & Toubro Ltd., India as process engineer for about a year where he was involved with design and commissioning of large scale cement plants. In 1999, he switched to his profession of interest, Teaching. He worked as lecturer in chemical engineering dept. for about five years at KLE Society’s College of Engg. - Belgaum. He was instrumental in introducing new electives and successfully supervising projects on Flowsheet Simulators, Design Software, Bio- diesel and LPG gas geysers funded by industries. When not working, he keeps himself busy finding what he has not done.

Raghuraj is a recipient of the prestigious President Graduate Fellowship (PGF). The PGF is awarded to candidates "who show exceptional promise or accomplishment in research."

Other Information

Visiting Researcher (with Dr. Pawan Dhar), Riken, Yokohama. (December 2006-February, 2007).

Best Tutor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore, Semester 2, AY 2005-2006 (CN3121 Process Dynamics and Control).


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