Assistant Professor


PhD (Process Control) 
University of Alberta, Canada, 1997.

MS (ChE.),IIT Madras, 

B.E. (Hons.) (ChE), BITS, Pilani, 1988.

(65) 6516-8484 (Off.)
(65) 6516-5802 (Lab.)

Fax:(65) 6779-1936

Office: E5-02-23
Lab:    E5-03-30


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Recent Publications

Ye Myint Hlaing, Min-Sen Chiu, and S. Lakshminarayanan, "Modeling and Control of Multivariable Processes Using Generalized Hammerstein Model", Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Accepted for publication, 2007.

S. Balaji, A. Fuxman,
S. Lakshminarayanan,
J.F. Forbes and R.E. Hayes, "Repetitive Model Predictive Control of a Reverse Flow Reactor", Chemical Engineering Science, Accepted for publication, 2006.

Rohit Ramachandran, S. Lakshminarayanan and
G.P. Rangaiah, "Data analysis, modeling and control performance
enhancement of an industrial fluid catalytic cracking unit", Chemical Engineering Science, Accepted for publication, 2006.

May Su Tun,
S. Lakshminarayanan and
G. Emoto, “Data Selection and Regression Method and its Application to Softsensing using Multirate Industrial Data”, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, Accepted for publication, 2006.

Sukumar Balaji and
S. Lakshminarayanan,
“Improved Design of Microchannel Plate Geometry for Uniform Flow Distribution”, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 84 (6), 715-721, 2006.

Rao Raghuraj, K. and
S. Lakshminarayanan,
"Partial Correlation based Variable Selection Approach for Multivariate Data Classification Methods", Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems,  Accepted for publication, 2006.


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Research Awards

Best Paper Award at CHEMCON 2005, New Delhi, India (Advances in Process Control)
DuPont / Paprican Research Excellence Award (Jan. 1996).
Pan Canadian Petroleum Award (Sept. 1995).

Teaching Awards

NUS Outstanding Educator Award (May, 2006). (Link) [Photo] [Award Lecture Slides]
Engineering Educator Award (Feb. 2006).
[Photo1] [Photo2]
Innovative Teaching, Faculty of Engineering, Bronze Award. (2003-2004). [Photo]
NUS Excellent Teachers List (2001-2002, 2002-2003).

Research Activities

Please visit my research team at the Informatics and Process Control (IPC) Unit webpage.

Ongoing Research Projects

Operational Strategies for Novel Reactor Systems

Investigator: Sukumar Balaji

Fugitive methane emissions must be combusted before venting into the atmosphere. For lean methane emissions, catalytic combustion is a preferred method. Almost complete combustion has to be attained in the most cost efficient manner. Effective operation is achieved when the reactor is operated in an auto-thermal mode. The conversion of methane will take place only at high reaction temperature. In such cases, the catalytic reverse flow reactor (CRFR) can be used. The focus of this research will be on devising suitable operational and control strategies for a CRFR. Comparisons will be made with performance obtained with other reactor configurations.

Analysis of Data and Networks

Investigator: Raghuraj Rao

The focus of our research is in developing new methods for classification and modeling of biological data sets. Of particular interest is the development of effective and scalable methods to build robust model based classifiers. In the networks area, our interests lie in both the analysis and synthesis aspects. Characterization of network complexity is also being pursued.

Crystallization Control

Investigator: Ms. Zhou Ying (ICES)
(Co-supervised by Prof. Raj Srinivasan, NUS/ICES)


Performance of Supply Chains

Investigator: Sundar Raj, T.

Supply chains have different combinations of demand pattern, product type and business objectives. A suitable control law is necessary to operate the supply chain in a successful manner. Selecting, retuning and restructuring the existing control law or developing the new order policy for the existing combination of demand, product type & objectives is an important approach in benchmarking and troubleshooting of supply chain systems. This work will focus on troubleshooting the existing network in order to enhance its performance through retuning and restructuring.

Biomedical Applications

Investigator: Yelneedi Sreenivas
(Co-supervised by Prof. G.P. Rangaiah)

Sreenivas is working in the area of adaptive fault tolerant control of multivariable systems with particular focus on the control of anesthesia. Efforts are under way in modeling as well as in the development of control algorithms.

Investigator: May Su Tun
(Co-supervised by Prof. G.P. Rangaiah)

The development of a decision support system for insulin delivery to diabetes patients in a hospital is the prime focus of May Su's research. Model development, parameter estimation and the synthesis of robust control algorithms are some of the areas covered in this research.

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