Our Sponsors:

We are very greatful to our sponsors for the funding and resources rendered to our various projects so far. The following are our sponsors (in alphabetical order)

Energy Market Authority:

The Energy Innovation Research Programme (EIRP) is administrated by the Energy Market Authority (EMA). The EIRP is a competitive grant call initiative driven by the Energy Innovation Programme Office, and funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF).

Hydrate Based Desalination project utilizing LNG Cold Energy is funded in part under the EIRP (Award No. NRF2014EWTEIRP003-006), administrated by the EMA.

Solidified Natural Gas (SNG) technology project is funded in part under the EIRP (Award No. NRF2015EWTEIRP002-002), administrated by the EMA.

Llyod's Register:

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a global engineering, technical and business services organization wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to research and education in science and engineering. Founded in 1760 as a marine classification society, LR now operates across many industry sectors, with over 9,000 employees based in 78 countries. Lloyd’s Register Global Technology Centre Singapore was set up to advance technological innovation through research and collaboration with industry and other research partners. Along with GTC Southampton in the UK, the Singapore GTC serves as a cornerstone for our global research-and-development network, which includes 48 academic and technical institutions sponsored by The Lloyd's Register Foundation.

LR is working with Linga Lab to develop SNG (Solidified Natural Gas) technology for NG Storage via clathrate hydrates. LR has committed significant in-kind and cash contributions to this NG storage project. LR also currently supports an Industrial Postgraduate Programme project on methane hydrates pertaining to NG Recovery research area. Zhenyuan YIN is the current Ph.D. student working on this IPP project.

Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore:

National University of Singapore (NUS):

Royal Dutch Shell:

Shell companies have operations in more than 70 countries and territories with businesses including oil and gas exploration and production; production and marketing of liquefied natural gas and gas to liquids; manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals and renewable energy projects. For further information, visit www.shell.com.

Royal Dutch Shell is working with Linga Lab to develop a hydrate based desalination (HBD) technology utilizing LNG cold energy. Royal Dutch Shell provides significant in-kind and cash contributions to this project.

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