Group Photo

Back Row: Prof. Zhihong Wang, Youdong Cheng, Bhuvan Shah, Dr. Yunpan Ying, Dr. Jian Zhang, Dr. Avishek Karmakar.

Middle Row: Yuxiang Wang, Prof. Jian Wang, Dr. Guoliang Liu, Dr. Tanay Kundu, Shing Bo Peh, Yuhong Qian.

Front Row: Sichang Long, Yaxin Wang, Prof. Linzhi Zhai, Yi Di Yuan, Mst Zakia Sultana, Dr. Jinqiao Dong, Dr. Hongye Yuan, Prof. Dan Zhao (PI).

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OPPORTUNITIES     We are seeking highly motivated candidates to undertake doctoral studies with us. Click HERE for more information!
2019-02-07     Our work "Cluster nuclearity control and modulated hydrothermal synthesis of functionalized Zr12 metal-organic frameworks" has been accepted by Dalton Transactions. Congratulations!
2019-02-07     Our work "Janus electrocatalysts containing MOF-derived carbon networks and NiFe-LDH nanoplates for rechargeable Zn-air batteries" has been accepted by ACS Applied Energy Materials. Congratulations!
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